Procedures for maintaining the facilities

Annual budgetary provisions are made by the Managing Committee of the college for the maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructural facilities and equipments. The college carries out the repairs and maintenance through private agencies by inviting quotations and the concerned committees like purchase committee, estate committee and building committee etc. to monitor the said work.

The college also makes spot purchases through spot purchase committee to ensure the quality and the cost.

All labs are assisted by lab attendants / assistants under the supervision of the head of the concerned departments. The college has a separate fund which is utilized to fill the requirements of procurement, upgradation, deployment, maintenance of the computers and their accessories as and when needed. The college ensures optimal allocation and utilization of the available financial resources for maintenance and upkeep of different facilities.

The college has appointed lab technicians for calibration of the instruments in the labs. Gymnasium and sports instruments are looked after by the concerned staff. Outside help is taken the major repair work on the instruments as per the requirement and the college tries to purchase calibrated instruments. Different Stock taking committees make suggestions to weed out or to purchase the new one, or make suggestions for repair and calibration.