Code of Ethics To Check Plagiarism

Institution has constituted a magazine committee to check plagiarism. The students are made aware of plagiarism and are advised to follow the following Code of Ethics in their contributions for the college magazine and other write ups.

Code of Ethics:

1. Content should not be copy paste without proper permission or acknowledgement of the source.
2. Make sure you fully acknowledge and properly cite the original source in your article.
3. Use quotation marks around word, for word text reference properly.
4. Reference(s) should be used accurately and in the relevant content.
5. The acknowledged matter should not be misinterpreted and used in wrong context.

Investigation methods:

1. Thorough checking of the article(s) for original source of material via encyclopaedia, bibliography and related journal etc.
2. Plagiarism online software is used to check the authenticity of the contents.
3. Search engines like Google, Google books and Yahoo etc. are used to check the submitted content.

Action taken:

1. Author is asked to acknowledge the copied content.
2. If failed to acknowledge, then the copied content is removed.
3. Warning not to repeat plagiarism in future article submission.