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The B.Com (pass course) provides an outcome in terms of following aspects

1. It gives an opportunity to the students to go for the professional courses like CA, ICWA, CS, Banking, Insurance, Logistics, Business Administration, marketing etc.
2. It provides a base to pursue higher education that is Masters Degree and Research.
3. With this the student becomes acquaint with different practical practicing and actual aspects like computer application software that is Tally (Standardised) and customised, filling of various returns online as well as offline, Computer aided auditing etc.
4. It prepares the students professionally to take various activities in various Industries.
5. The course creates confidence in the students; which in turn develop their personality and enables them to take their decisions wisely.
Course Code Title of Course Course Outcomes
BC 1.2   Financial Accounting Course Code C-1    
  1. The objective of this paper is to help students to acquire conceptual knowledge of accounting, financial statements of different business organizations full stop to impart skills for recording various kinds of business transactions and to follow accounting standards in India and at international level.
  2. Practical knowledge of Tally.
BC 1.3 Business Organization and Management Core Course C-2  
  1. The course aims to provide basic knowledge about business organisation and management of business Enterprises.
  2. Emerging opportunities in business like franchising Outsourcing e-Commerce.
  3. Technological innovations and skill development make in India Movement and functional areas of management like marketing management, human resource management, financial management etc
BC 2.2 Business Law Core course C-4  
  1. To impart basic knowledge of important business legislation that is Indian Contract Act sales of good goods act Indian Partnership Act Negotiable Instrument Act to make law to make aware of legal aspects with relevant case law.
BC 2.3 Business Mathematics and Statistics core course C-5  
  1. To familiarize students with the application of mathematics and Statistical Techniques in business decision making. how to collect edit classify, analyse and interpret data and its application.
HIND200   Pryojanmulak  Hindi (  MIL)  
HIND 202 Hindi Bhasha Aur Samprashan (AECC-2)    
B C 3.1 Company Law core course C-7  
  1. To impart basic knowledge of the provisions of the Companies Act 2013.
  2. To make aware regarding incorporation of company its registrations management Administration and winding up.
  3. Emerging issues in company like CSR corporate social responsibility meeting through video conferencing, e-voting.
  4. Case studies involving issues in company law.
BC 3.2 Income Tax Law and Practice core course C-8  
  1. To equip students with applications of principles and provisions of income tax 1961 and the relevant rules. To provide basic knowledge of assessment of income under various heads like salary us property profit and gains of business, capital gains, income from other sources.
  2. Practical knowledge of e filing that is online filing of returns of income tax and TDS.
BC 3.4 Computer Applications in Business Skill Enhancement Elective course SEC-1.  
  1. To provide computer skills and knowledge of computer working processing creating business document splitting business spreadsheet.
  2. To announce the students understanding of usefulness information usefulness of Information Technology tools for business operations
B C 4.2 Corporate Accounting  Core Course C-11  
  1. To enable the students to acquire the bass Gulab required required the basic knowledge of the corporate accounting.
  2. To learn the techniques of preparing the financial statements of company holding companies banking companies.
  3. Preparation of cash flow statement as per Indian Accounting Standard(Ind-AS3
BC 4.3              Cost Accounting Core Course C-12
  1. To acquaint the students with basic concepts used in cost accounting.
  2. To make aware of various methods in cost X Ray cost accounting book keeping systems.
  3. To provide knowledge of relevant Indian accounting standards in line with IFRS and how the standards would became applicable.
BC 4.4 E-Commerce Skill Enhancement Elective Course SEC -2  
  1. To enable the students to become familiar with the mechanism for conducting business transactions through electronic means.
  2. Awareness regarding IT Act 2000 and Cyber crimes.
  3. Practical knowledge of website designing, E-payment system and online business transactions.
BC. 5.3 Entrepreneurship Skill Enhancement Elective Course SEC- 3  
  1. It aims to orient the learner towards entrepreneurship as a career option and creative thinking and behaviour.
  2. Mobilizing resources for startups
BC 5.4 Principles of Microeconomics Generic  Elective GE-1  
  1. Get basic knowledge of determinants of demand and supply and its applications until I'm sorry utility theory.
  2. To make equilibrium in the firm due to technological change functional distribution of income
BC 6.3            Personal Selling and Salesmanship Skill Enhancement Elective Core Course SEC-4  
  1. The purpose is to familiarize the students with the fundamentals of personal selling and its process.
  2. To understand selling as a career and what it takes to be a successful salesman to arouse interest of desired consumers and to take action.
BC 6.4 Indian Economy Generic Elective GE-2  
  1. it seeks to enable the students to grasp the major economic problems in India and their solution.
  2. To provide an understanding of modern tools of macro economics analyses and political and policy framework.
  3. To enable the students to understand sectoral Trends and issues, inflation, unemployment and Labour markets


Name : Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sharma

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Mobile No. : 9418156486

Qualification : M. Com., M.Phil.
Name : Dr. Latesh Kapoor

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Mobile No. : 9418467868

Qualification : M. Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.


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