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In today's World Information Technology has become essential and this has greatly enhanced the value of Computer Applications. We cannot visualize any work situation or job opportunity which does not require proficiency in Computer Applications. To keep up with these rapidly changing requirements for new skills the Managing Committee of the Institute decided to start the BCA course from the Academic Year 2001-2002. The Institute maintains high standards of education and will continue to augment the infrastructure for running this course annually.


Candidates who have passed 10+2 examination from H.P. Board/CBSE/ICSE or any other examination considered equivalent to 10+2 by the Himachal Pardesh university, Shimla-5, with 40% marks (35% marks for SC/ST Category), shall be eligible. How to Apply /Documents to be attached with Application

How to Apply:

• Attested Copy of the Matriculation Certificate
• Attested Copy of the +2 Certificate
• Character Certificate issued by Institution last attended.
• Attested Copy of relevant certificates of Reserved Category.
• Affidavit & Character Certificate if there are gap years.

Selection Procedure

Admission will be made on the basis of merit of qualifying examination. As per H.P.U. rules 75% seats will be filled out of the candidates who have passed there 10+2 examination from the school situated in Himachal Pradesh irrespective of the Board. Remaining 25% seats will be filled on all India basis. Other reservation rules of H.P. University shall be applicable.


Counselling for admission to BCA will be held on date(s) specified in the academic calendar, beginning with reserved category candidates and concluding with general category candidates. Each candidate will be required to be personally present at the counselling venue along with either of the parents. Candidates shall have to produce the required certificates/documents in original at the time of counselling. First installment of the fee must be deposited immediately after the confirmation of admission failing which the candidate will have no claim on the seat.

Programme Outcomes:

Upon completion of the BCA programme, students will be able to:

· Use and apply current technical concepts and practices in the core computer applications.

· Identify computer application related problems, analyze them and design the system or provide the solution for the problem considering legal, ethical and societal issues.

· Recognize the need for and an ability to engage in continuing professional development.

· Work and communicate effectively in interdisciplinary environment, either independently or in team, and demonstrate scientific leadership in academia and industry.

· Communicate effectively by oral, written, computing and graphical means.


Programme Specific Outcomes:

· Software Developer

· Multimedia Systems

· Web Designer

· System Analyst


· Keep the knowledge of theoretical computer science

· Database Management System

· Keep the knowledge of “Data communication and Computer Networks”

First Year (1st Semester) Paper Code Paper Title Credit ESE CCA Max. Marks Exam Duration Hours
BCA0101 Mathematics-I 4 70 30 100 3
BCA0102 Applied English 4 70 30 100 3
BCA0103 Computer Fundamentals 4 70 30 100 3
BCA0104 C Programming 4 70 30 100 3
BCA0105 Office Automation Tools 4 70 30 100 3
BCA0104(P) C Programming Lab-I 3 35 15 50 3
BCA0105(P) Office Automation Tools Lab-II 3 35 15 50 3
Total 600
Second Year (4th Semester) Paper Code Paper Title Credit ESE CCA Max. Marks Exam Duration Hours
BCA0401 Personnel Management 4 70 30 100 3
BCA0402 Accounting 4 70 30 100 3
BCA0403 System Analysis and Design 4 70 30 100 3
BCA0404 Internet Technology & Web Page Design 4 70 30 100 3
BCA0405 Programming in Visual Basic 4 70 30 100 3
BCA0404(P) Internet Technology & Web Page Design Lab-VII 3 35 15 50 3
BCA0405(P) Programming in Visual Basic Lab-VIII 3 35 15 50 3
Total 600
Third Year (5th Semester) Paper Code Paper Title Credit ESE CCA Max. Marks Exam Duration Hours
BCA0501 Operating System 4 70 30 100 3
BCA0502 eCommerce 4 70 30 100 3
BCA0503 Management Information System 4 70 30 100 3
BCA0504 Technologies 4 70 30 100 3
BCA0505 Computer Oriented Statistical Methods 4 70 30 100 3
BCA0504(P) Technologies Lab-IX 3 35 15 50 3
BCA0505(P) Computer Oriented Statistical Methods Lab-X 3 35 15 50 3
Total 600
Third Year (6th Semester) Paper Code Paper Title Credit ESE CCA Max. Marks Exam Duration Hours  
BCA0601 Computer Networks 4 70 30 100 3  
BCA0602 Numerical Methods 4 70 30 100 3  
BCA0603 Multimedia Technology 4 70 30 100 3  
BCA0604 Computer Graphics 4 70 30 100 3  
BCA0605 Software Engineering 4 70 30 100 3  
BCA0604(P) Computer Graphics Lab-XI 3 35 15 50 3  
BCA0606 Major Project 3 35 15 50  
Total   600
course code Title of Course Course Outcomes
BCA0101 Mathematics-I The syllabus of this course is specially designed for the beginners in computer science with the first exposure to mathematical topics essential to their study of computer science or digital logic. After the completion of the course the student would be able to understand the concept of set theory, trigonometry, differential calculus, integral calculus, limit, matrices etc.
BCA0102 Applied English Should develop and improve their communication skills. Should be able to write formal and informal invitations and letters. Should be able to use words/phrases in their own sentences. Should improve their compression and drafting skills.
BCA0103 Computer Fundamentals ● Define and distinguish Hardware and Software components of computer system
● Identify and discuss the functional units of a computer system.
● Identify the various input and output units and explain their purposes.
BCA0104 C-Language ● To clearly understand the logic of the problem.
● To analyze the given problem and write the algorithm, flowchart.
● To write structured C programs, this is the foundation of any Programming language.
BCA0105 Office Automation Tools This course trains students how to use MS Office applications to carry out office work such as creating professional- quality documents; store, organize and analyze information, arithmetic operations and functions; and create dynamic slide presentations with animation, images, videos etc. effectively.
BCA0201 Mathematics - II After the completion of the course the student would be able to understand the concept of number system, group, Ring theory , general theorem and their geometrical significance etc.
BCA0202 Communicative English Upon successful completion of the course, the student would be able to communicate in any professional environment.
BCA0203 Digital Electronics ● The students can design combinational and sequential digital logic circuits.
● Also they will have knowledge on Programmable Logic devices and its usage.
● Knowledge of circuit designing
BCA0204 Data Structures ● Understand the need for Data Structures when building application.
● Appreciate the need for optimized
● Able to walk through insert and delete for different data structures
BCA0205 Database Management System ● Able to master the basic concepts and understand the applications of database systems.
● Able to construct an Entity- Relationship (E-R) model from specifications and to transform to relational model.
● Able to construct unary/binary/set/aggregate queries in Relational Algebra.
● Understand and apply database normalization principles.
● Able to construct SQL queries to perform CRUD operations on database (Create, Retrieve, Update,Delete).
● Understand principles of database transaction management, database recovery, security.
BCA0301 Mathematics - III After the completion of the course the student would be able to understand the standard technique of solving linear differential equation, complex number, primes, Chinese Remainder Theorem, finite field , group field etc.
BCA0302 Business Practices and Management After going through the syllabus a student will have a proper idea of business, management and functions undertaken by a manager.
BCA0303 Computer Organization ● Ability to understand basic structure of computer.
● Ability to perform computer arithmetic operations.
● Ability to understand control unit operations.
BCA0304 Object Oriented Programming with C++ ● An understanding of the principles behind the object oriented development
● Competence in the use of object oriented programming language in the development of small to medium sized application programs.
BCA0305 Desktop Publishing and Designing ● Create, edit, and print long documents including supporting pages
● Effective design and layout rules used in publication industry
● Scanning and importing graphics
● Format page layout utilizing master pages tool,Competencies, Skills
BCA0401 Personnel Management ● Develop a thorough grounding in (and sensitivity to) the human resource impact on organizations.
● Assist students in relating the management of human resources to organizational effectiveness.
● Understand the link between personnel management and larger macro issues of current concern
BCA0402 Accounting ● Familiarize with the concept of accounting.
● After completion of this course, candidate would be able to record and post transactions in the basic accounting equation and maintain subsidiary ledgers.
BCA0403 System Analysis and Design ● Gather data to analyse and specify the requirements of a system.
● Design system components and environments.
● Build general and detailed models that assist programmers in implementing a system.
● Design a database for storing data and a user interface for data input and output, as well as controls to protect the system and its data.
BCA0404 Internet Technology & Web Page Design ● Students will be able to write a well formed / valid XML document.
● Students will be able to write a server side java application called Servlet to catch
● Update and delete operations on DBMS table. Students will be able to write a server side java application called JSP to catch form.
BCA0405 Programming in Visual Basic ● Design , create , build and debug Visual Basic application
● Explore VB's (Integrated Development Environment)IDE
● Apply arithmetic operation for displaying numeric output
● Applying control structures for determining different operations
● Applying procedures, sub-procedures and functions to create manageable codes
● Creating windows applications using forms, controls and events
BCA0501 Operating System ● Analyze the concepts of processes in operating system and illustration of
the scheduling of processor for a given problem instance.
● Identify the dead lock situation and provide appropriate solution so that protection and security of the operating system is also maintained.
● Analyze memory management techniques, concepts of virtual memory and disk scheduling.
● Understand the implementation of file systems and directories along with the interfacing of IO devices with the operating system.
BCA0502 eCommerce ● Discuss legal issues and privacy in E-Commerce.
● Assess electronic payment systems.
● Recognize and discuss global E-commerce issues.
● Describe the infrastructure for E-commerce.
BCA0503 Management Information System ● Use analytical and reflective skills in decision making.
● Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
● Recognize legal and ethical issues confronting them.
● Contribute to the performance of a group within a business setting.
BCA0504 Technologies ● Create a web form with server control.
● Separate page code from content by using code-behind pages, page controls and components
● Display dynamic data from a data source by using data binding .
● Debug ASP.NET pages by using trace.
BCA0505 Computer Oriented Statistical Methods ● To understand the concept of population and sample.
● To use frequency distribution to make decision.
● To understand and to calculate various types of averages and variation.
● To use the concept of probability in business.
BCA0601 Computer Networks ● Identify the different components in a Communication System and their respective roles.
● Describe the technical issues related to the local Area Networks.
● Identify the common technologies available in establishing LAN infrastructure
BCA0602 Numerical Methods ● Be aware of the use of numerical methods in modern scientific computing
● Be familiar with finite precision computation
● Be familiar with numerical solutions of nonlinear equations in a single variable
● Be familiar with numerical interpolation and approximation of functions
● Be familiar with numerical integration and differentiation
● Be familiar with numerical solution of ordinary differential equations
● Be familiar with calculation and interpretation of errors in numerical methods,
BCA0603 Multimedia Technology ● Plan experiments to test user perception of multimedia tools .
● State the properties of different media streams; compare and contrast. different multicast protocols.
● Describe different realisations of multimedia tools and the way in which they are used .
BCA0604 Computer Graphics After completion of the course students understand basics of computer graphics, Input/output primitive and basic transformations, which can be applied on objects of graphics, Practical applications of graphics, Program development and basic animations without using graphical softwares.
BCA0605 Software Engineering ● Understand the importance of the stages in the software life cycle.
● Understand the various process model.
● Understand the UML notation.
● Be able to design software by applying the software engineering principles.
BCA0606 Major Project To help the students to develop ability, to apply theoretical and practical tools/techniques to solve real life problems related to industry, academic institutions and research laboratories. A student is expected to do planning, analyzing, designing, coding, and implementing the project. The initiation of project should be with the project proposal.


Name : Dr. Sukhvir Singh, Coordinator

Email :

Mobile No. : 9418013716

Qualification : M.C.A., Ph.D.
Name : Ms Bhawana Devi

Email :

Mobile No. : 9418022002

Qualification : MCA, M. Phil.
Name : Ms. Pooja Devi

Email :

Mobile No. : 8091196145

Qualification : M.C.A.
Name : Mr. Surinder Pal Singh

Email :

Mobile No. : 9418410103

Qualification : M.C.A, M Phil.


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Computer Science Quiz Contest 2017

Special lecture on Higher Education in India

Campus Placement Drive 2019

Three Day National Workshop On FOSS

Technical Lecture by Oceana Tech


In MLSM College there are three computer labs that remain open during the college time. A computer lab is a space which provides computer services to a defined community. Computer lab helps to give access to programs, software, projects and resources to support students in their classes.
The goal of computer is to infuse technology into the subject matter classes. The primary goal of equipted lab at this college is to provide our students with assistance that enhances their possibilities succeeding in their assignments. Lab has systems which are connected by high speed LAN. Our computer lab provides the students as well as facility with high bandwidth internet speed.
Our computer lab also provides facility for disabled students. The lab is Wi-Fi enabled which helps the students to work on their assignments.
Practical work is the heart of the computer education. It helps to enhance programming skills of students. Students learn about software and hardware skills. They learn about installation of different softwares.




BCA Batch 2012-2015
2. ANITA DEVI D/O SH. DEVI SINGH 2nd in College
BCA Batch 2013-2016
1. RITTU D/O SH. RAVINDER KUMAR 1st in College & 7th in HPU
BCA Batch 2014-2017
1. Abhishek S/O SH. Prakesh Chand Thakur 1st in College
2. Jyotika D/O SH. Duni Chand 2nd in College