From the Principal's Desk

Welcome to MLSM College Sundernagar

Dr. Pawan K. Jamwal

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,
I am happy to meet you all on this page of our college website. This website is supposed to be the mirror image of what we are, what we stand for and what we aspire to be in future. But, what we achieve depends upon the collective responsibility of all of us -students, teachers, management or society as a whole. One can achieve what one wants with a simple rule: if a student studies without pretending, a teacher teaches without excuses, management works for the betterment of all and society appreciates good things about us and advises when we are not up to their expectations, then we become what we are called MLSM.

The college started in 1976 with arts stream only but other faculties of science and commerce were added subsequently. And it is the hard work of people serving in the initial years of the college that we could achieve a distinction of one of the best colleges in Himachal Pradesh. Today, our students of yesteryear’s are doctors , engineers and academicians, not only in different institutions of India but also throughout the world, This has given us the confidence of venturing into self-financing courses and supplement the existing infrastructure, so that, we can become much more student friendly. I’m happy to say that we have been most successful in that too, as our students from these courses also have excelled and competed with the best in their fields.

My advice to the students :
“The day you start believing in yourself, you will achieve what you want, even if you are from a small village, but never be overconfident or over ambitious as you always get what you deserve and not what you try to project.”

Jai Hind