Sociology Department


Welcome to the webpage of Department of Sociology. This department was started with the establishment of MLSM College in 1976.
It is a single faculty department.
It offers course to undergraduate classes. It relates the students with their day to day life.
The courses taught in UG Classes are:

Fundamentals of Sociology
Sociology of India
Rural Sociology
Sociological Theories
Techniques of Social Research
Methods of Sociological enquiry
Sociology of Environment
Religion and Society
Polity and Society in India
Theory and Practice of Development
Social Stratification
Economy and Society


By taking this subject students can seek employment in the field of Social Defence, Social Planning, Medical, Social Welfare, Social Projects, Education, etc.
Students can be appointed as a Child Development Officer, Social Welfare Officer, Probation Officer, Labour Officer, teachers in higher education, etc.
Students can adopt this subject as an optional subject to Indian Civil Service’s and Provincial Services.


Name : Anita Dogra

Email :

Mobile No. : 9459763083

Qualification : M.Phil.




Subject Syllabus
Sociology Click for Syllabus